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Gmat essay prep

Gmat essay preparation

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Gmat essay preparation

athena essay odyssey ODYSSEY ESSAY SAMPLES. TWO MORE ESSAYS below:. ЂњThe Development of Penelope in HomerЂ™s Odyssey Ђќ. ЂњThe Significance of Religion in The Odyssey Ђќ. THE DEVELOPMENT OF PENELOPE IN HOMERЂ™S ODYSSEY. The time of ancient Greece seems like its own story in another world, one nothing like our own. Powerful gods and goddesses, brave warriors, mystical beings, and the mistreatment of women rule the plot. Except that women have been overlooked in gmat essay preparation our world for centuries. The insignificance of essay preparation, women was a part of Greek life that is not majestic or ethereal. In the gmat epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Penelope develops into her own character during a time where women are prized as possessions more than people. Homer makes Penelope into her own person and not just an addition to her husband by his long absence and the troubles she must face on preparation, her own through difficult times. Homer gives her qualities of loyalty, strength, and gmat, cunning to be able to survive without a husband when all others think she should just take another. Penelope becomes like a character unlike many women in Greek times such as AgamemnonЂ™s wife, but similar to Circe and Athena.

She is turned into a woman of custom essay xavier university, power by Homer. Odysseus reluctantly departs to go fight in gmat essay preparation the Trojan War, leaving behind his wife and new son, and ends up staying away for twenty years. Throughout every minute of it, Penelope remains more faithful to her husband than he is to essay preparation, her. She never submits to essay preparation, the whims of the suitors begging for essay citations, her hand in gmat preparation marriage and only finds ways to make them leave her, while he enjoys the company of Circe and Calypso. In a time where women are not praised for their minds but for their beauty, faithfulness for essay university, twenty years wins her a place as the essay highest form of women. Agamemnon compares her to his wife and praises her as being the Ђњmistress of her own heart,/ Penelope!Ђќ (XXIV.222-223) while his own wife Ђњthe adulteress,/ waited to stab her lord and kingЂќ (XXIV.225-226). From these statements, Agamemnon concludes that Ђњthe very gods themselves will sing her storyЂќ (XXIV.221), claiming that faithfulness is the best quality a woman could have. Penelope stays steadfast and alone through twenty years of her life, without a man by her side to see her through. AgamemnonЂ™s wife finds herself another man to rely on abuse case, while her own husband is gmat essay, gone, succumbing to the urges of society and the social status of women at the time.

Penelope is able to stay loyal to her husband even after twenty years. The two wives of warriors are completely different, one fickle, and one faithful. Penelope is forced by the long absence of persuasive essay steps, her husband to guide her to become strong and guarded so that she can live without Odysseus. Penelope is faced with challenges at home while Odysseus is away, challenges that without strength would be impossible to face every day. She is gmat essay, left with a son, not even two, to raise on her own, without the guidance of custom admission essays, a father figure in his life. Telemachus is father-less until he is twenty-one, an issue for Penelope because she cannot raise him as a man and king would, and the fate of her kingdom rests with him. In addition, once OdysseusЂ™ mother dies and Laertes goes to live alone, Penelope is left alone to rule Ithaca, no small task for a queen by herself. There are also the suitors who claim Odysseus to be dead and ask for her hand in marriage every day.

They will not leave Penelope in peace and Ђњevery suitor swore to lie beside herЂќ (I.115) but ЂњSpurn them she dare notЂќ (I.295) in fear of evoking their wrath and therefore the destruction of her home and family. She must remain strong, never submitting to the demands of the suitors and never allowing her hatred of them to gain the upper hand. She must guard herself and her home from their anger and essay, of their insistence of gmat essay, OdysseusЂ™ death. If they begin to essay, believe that he will never return, then there remains no reason to stay strong through such trying times. Penelope is similar to Circe in that they both can live and essay citations, flourish without men in gmat essay their lives. Circe disposes of argumentative about teaching, any men who come to her island, and has made herself a woman to fear.

Penelope remains strong like Circe, but does not evoke fear in otherЂ™s hearts. She has no wish to kill even the gmat essay men that plague her, only wishes that they would be gone. Teaching! She never allows them to gain the upper hand over her life, but remains strong throughout. Essay Preparation! When Odysseus returns, Penelope cannot simply accept the fact the he is gmat, who he says he after twenty years when so much is uncertain. Essay Preparation! Penelope feels that it would be best to test him to make sure that he tells the truth. Her cunning saves her from a possibility of being deeply wounded, which would have happened if she believed that the man before her was Odysseus, then finds out that he is not. As close as Penelope and Odysseus were before he left, the more painful it would have been to essay, have him torn from her again. She tests him by having him Ђњtried to the breaking pointЂќ (XXIII.206) by suggesting that the bed he made with his own hands was no longer where he had left it.

She also uses her wily wits to stall the gmat preparation suitors from forcing her into an unwanted marriage. Penelope claims that she must finish weaving a shroud for OdysseusЂ™ father before she can marry again, which the suitors readily agree to because of the piety of the work. Essay Teaching English! What the suitors are unaware of is that Ђњevery day she wove on the great loom--/ but every night by torchlight she unwove itЂќ (II.112-113) so that she will never finish and have to marry one of the gmat essay suitors. Her trick works for three years, but when it fails, she finds a task for gmat essay preparation, the suitors that none will be able to accomplish: the stringing of OdysseusЂ™ bow and firing an arrow through the holes in twelve axe heads. In the use of her cunning, Penelope is able to gmat essay, put off the efforts of the format suitors for over three years, an impressive feat with men so persistent. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, appreciates Odysseus for his cunning because it is similar to gmat essay, her own. PenelopeЂ™s cunning is therefore also similar to AthenaЂ™s.

Both are female figures in a time of essay, male rulings that use their shrewd skills to retain power. PenelopeЂ™s ability to remain strong and faithful relies on her wits, which she realizes and takes advantage of. Penelope is seen at gmat essay preparation, first as a wife of a hero, and nothing more. She is steps, known by her husband, whose valiant deeds are known throughout the lands. Essay! As the poem progresses, she begins to take shape of an important character with faith, strength, and wit, three valuable traits. Penelope develops into a person from a faceless being in gmat essay a time where women are valued for their bodies. In the gmat essay preparation time of ancient Greece, women were insignificant. PenelopeЂ™s character proves that women can be important to a story and the development of a happy ending. The Odyssey is an argumentative essay english epic poem and a story full of captivating tales of heroism and bravery. Essay! Without PenelopeЂ™s strength, wisdom, and loyalty, Odysseus would have had nothing to come home to and the story would have been a tragedy. With a happy ending readers think of the argumentative wonders of quests and other worldly beings that make the essay plot exciting, but if Penelope had not stayed true the stories would have seemed to tell only of death.

The actions of a mere woman could change the whole story, a concept that in ancient Greece would be hard to argumentative about teaching, grasp. ------------------------------------------------------------ The Significance of Religion in The Odyssey. Religion has always been significant throughout history. Many peopleЂ™s lives or jobs are dedicated to religion, to god. For some, most everything they do revolves around their religion; they constantly think about essay how their god would judge their actions. HomerЂ™s Odyssey tells the story of OdysseusЂ™s journey home, and abuse case of opium, how the gods affect this voyage.

The Greek gods and the religion itself are very significant to the story. Whether itЂ™s deterring Odysseus on his journey home, helping him along, causing one to preparation, harm another, or causing two countries to go to persuasive essay steps, war, the gods are ever-present and a critical aspect to preparation, the story. One way the gods play an important role is by persuasive essay acting as a hindrance for Odysseus. He must overcome many obstacles on his journey home, which would not be nearly as difficult or as much of an issue if not for the interference of the gods. An example of this is when Circe entraps Odysseus and his men with her irresistible offers of meat and bread, thus causing them to stay much longer then they intend to. While on CirceЂ™s island, Odysseus narrates, ЂњSo day by gmat day we lingered, feasting long/ on roasts and wine, until a year grew fatЂќ (X.516, 517). CirceЂ™s offers are so enticing to case study of opium, Odysseus and gmat preparation, his crew that they stay for too long, causing their trip to be delayed an entire year.

She is one goddess that creates a hurdle Odysseus must leap over. Citations Format! Another is gmat essay preparation, Poseidon. Just as Odysseus is about to reach his homeland of substance case, Ithaca, Poseidon says, ЂњStill I can give him a rough ride, and I willЂќ (V.300). He Ђњgives him a rideЂќ by creating huge waves that destroy OdysseusЂ™s raft, thus deterring him even further. These are both instances in the story where gods are significant in that they act as obstacles for Odysseus to gmat essay preparation, overcome. Although these hindrances are both trying, they represent only about teaching a tiny portion of the gmat preparation problems the gods cause him. These predicaments and challenges are what make the story; they create a sense of tension and resolve. Without the gods, this cycle wouldnЂ™t be present. Essays! This is why the godsЂ™ role in the Odyssey as obstacles is so important. Interestingly enough, the gods are also significant in the story for the exact opposite gmat essay reason.

Another way the essay about teaching gods play an important role in essay the story is by aiding Odysseus on his journey home. Athena is especially helpful in this way. Argumentative English! When Odysseus is battling the suitors to gmat preparation, regain control of his home, he is greatly outnumbered. Athena Ђњturns their shots, or all but twoЂќ (XXII.303). This action saves OdysseusЂ™s life, and helps him regain control of his home and family. The fact that when in need of essay, assistance, he has a goddess looking after him is critical to the story; it enables him to fight battles, both literal and figurative, that he couldnЂ™t win on his own. Essay! Knowing that Athena and other gods care about Odysseus and want to help him significantly changes the story. At times such as the aforementioned battle where Odysseus is so greatly outnumbered, he might be inclined to lose hope if not for essays, the knowledge that Athena will be there for essay, him. The help of the gods is also important just to counteract the actions of the gods who dislike Odysseus.

If he was only being hurt and custom essays to harvard, not aided by the gods, his story would most likely end much sooner. The godsЂ™ aid is significant because frankly needs it. He would not be able to accomplish such great feats without their help, and would likely be finished off by the gods who do not wish him to return home. The Greek religion, particularly the belief that the gods control all aspects of life, is also very important. After thinking the gods werenЂ™t on his side because the winds are blowing his ship the wrong direction, Agamemnon believes that he must kill his own daughter as a sacrifice so that the gods will blow his ship towards Troy. Even though killing his child has no scientific relation or effect on the wind in gmat any way, Agamemnon feels he must do so to please the gods so that his ship can sail. The author describes AgamemnonЂ™s decision: Ђњthis was terrible to all, but to her father (Agamemnon) it was hardly bearableЂќ (Hamilton 261). Despite the pain it causes him, pleasing the gods comes first. Hamilton continues, ЂњNevertheless he yieldedЂќ (Hamilton 261). Persuasive Essay Steps! The idea that his own daughterЂ™s life isnЂ™t as important as appealing to the gods seems awful when looked at through contemporary lenses.

However, the gods and the idea of religion causes people to value them higher than anything else in their life; including their loved ones. People, like Agamemnon, feel that they have to gmat preparation, do something so that the gods will give them what they want in return. The gods are significant in this way because their approval and satisfaction influences peopleЂ™s actions throughout the story. Their religion is essay, critical to their lives because it influences most everything they do. The gods are also significant because they can start or stop a fight on a whim, cause people to battle at will, and start an all-out war. At the end of the story, a fight between the mourning parents of the gmat suitors and Odysseus and Laertes is about to break out. Custom Admissions Essay University! Before it can really begin, Athena says, ЂњЂ™Odysseus, master of land ways and sea ways,/command yourself. Call off this battle now,/or Zeus who views the wide world may be angryЂ™Ђќ (XXIV.607-609). Gmat! Throughout The Odyssey, fights break out frequently, during which many lose their lives.

The fact that Athena can stop a fight this easily makes one wonder why, if she and other gods posses this power, fighting is not ceased more often. So many people die during war that whomever has the power to begin or end a war has the power to save or take away many, many lives. The gods play an important role in this way by xavier university choosing to participate in war, or by gmat essay choosing, as Athena did, to stop the fighting from happening. It is abuse study of opium, apparent how the gods are significant to the Odyssey. They make it the exciting, epic story that it is. Although the gods play a very different role in gmat society today than they did during this time period, they are still just as significant.

Many people will still say that god is the single most important part of life today, an idea that was prominent throughout the Odyssey.

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Prologue to An Eve Like Me: 12 Steps to Self-Discovery, Recovery, and God? September 10, 2016. Gmat Preparation? 9:10 P.M. In less than 12 hours it will have been 12 years since I lost my virginity. Admissions Xavier? There’s that number again.

In the gmat preparation early morning hours of essays September 11, 2004 I had sex for the first time. Most women I’ve known lost their virginities to high-school sweethearts or at least saved it for the safe context of a committed relationship. Instead, I did it with a boy I didn’t even know personally, accidently on the anniversary of 9/11. It wasn’t one of those get-it-over-with situations, either. I wanted to gmat essay preparation, fuck. Abuse Of Opium? I wanted to fuck this boy. Essay Preparation? So, I put myself in a situation that would facilitate my propositioning him. I didn’t care what day it was. This is an account of that first event and persuasive steps, the adventures that followed it.

My purpose is to try to understand how I’ve gotten here and gmat essay, now in my sexual, psychospiritual life. You see, I’m recovering. I’m recovering from years of abuse at the hands of an ignorant God, one that came to me in childhood. In one instance, my older brother gloated to 10-11 year old me that God commanded woman to submit to man. He may even have quoted Genesis. Naturally I’ve spent the xavier last 16 or 17 years agonizing about this and essay, other experiences I had as a woman raised in a conservative Christian family while fucking to try to learn what equality might mean. In my journey I came (sometimes) across fascinating mysticism in steps, Judaism (Kabbalah and Midrash), delved into the radical teachings of Jesus (in and outside Biblical boundaries), completed a B.A. in philosophy (with honors!) and had my share of sexual eurekas and embarrassments I’d like to share with you now. I hope you’ll permit my drive to connect the seemingly unrelated worlds of sex (the physical) and gmat essay, spirituality (the mental). But first, let me get defensive right quick.

When I describe God as ignorant, I mean it literally. Yahweh was an ignorant bastard according to a group of early Christians (and non-Christians) broadly referred to custom essay xavier university, as Gnostics. Essay? Most of their writings had been lost to xavier university, the ages (annihilated from history by the Church) until a chance discovery in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945. Gmat? Their translation was partly championed by Carl Jung. One of the admissions essay xavier works, entitled The Apocryphon of John, is the Gnostic version of the creation myth and gmat essay preparation, tells the story of what happened before the custom university Genesis creation. In their view, God is not omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent; instead, like all men, He’s fundamentally flawed. In the beginning, all of gmat essay reality exists as an undivided and indivisible whole. Comprising this totality are complementary sets of balancing characters.

One of these is english, Sophia (wisdom), who seeks to essay preparation, create something all by herself and essay format, without the consent of her (unnamed) counterpart. Essay Preparation? She goes off alone, away from the gmat essay Aeons, only to bring forth Ialdabaoth. Yahweh. He’s all fucked up, incapable of comprehending or sensing anything but himself. He creates humanity to worship Him as the One and Only, but Sophia, in a spirit of repentance, seeks the help of Everything to resolve this ontological mistake. With that help she plants the seed of the Everything – spirit, knowledge, a soul, whatever – into humankind, such that we’re not doomed to be the droning surrogates of an imperfect being. We have a choice about it, anyway. Sometimes I feel as though I walk in her footsteps, taking on the burden of creation. Writing, making art, producing all these misshapen creative children.

But somewhere inside of them is preparation, a seed of truth, which is all I can hope to offer anyway. And so hopefully, Sophia permitting, I can make it through my 12-Step program to right the wrong (gno the alternative) of a series of ignorant Gods and substance of opium, find (fuck?) my way back to gmat essay preparation, Eden. Abuse Study? I can’t un-eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but I can complete my holy self with fruit from the Tree of Life. This is my life. THEOSOPHY I – The Meaning (lessness) of Life, or Prelude to My Entire Sexual History. In 1945, men in search of gmat preparation weapons to fight a blood feud instead find a collection of vessels full of scrolls in the Egyptian desert at Nag Hammadi. Hoping to fetch a handsome profit for the priceless antiquities, the scrolls arrive on the market and are quickly deemed significant by argumentative about teaching english, none other than Freud contemporary Carl G. Jung. Jung, a major figure at essay the time and great-grandfather of the Star Wars franchise (Lucas - Campbell - Jung) directed efforts to translate the scrolls from Coptic. What he and argumentative english, other scholars found was a way of thinking, a set of essay preparation beliefs, a manifestation of culture that would seem far ahead of its time. Written before, during, and after the gmat essay time of Jesus, the Gnostic literature paints a vastly more diverse early Christianity than we are accustomed to.

Females in leadership roles; women were accepted as equals. Broad interests in anti-patriarchal thought. Correspondence with individuals from gmat, many tribes, many belief systems, many castes – these were the OG’s of the ancient world. There’s even evidence to suggest the Gnostics experimented with psychedelics and would certainly have had experience with hemp and cannabis. Their threat to power structures – religious and essay format, secular – was enormous. They were therefore eliminated from collective consciousness. Gmat Preparation? Their books were banned, then burned by would become the Catholic Church. Obliterated from history for 1600 years.

It’s my belief their values lived on in our collective unconscious. Essay? They, at least, came into mine. Being raised in a traditional Christian upbringing had its joys and essay, sorrows for a girl. But this girl valued freedom too much to be satisfied with the citations format Bible alone. Because my father is Catholic, and my mother a Protestant, I was exposed to broad understandings of Christianity.

I spent time with friends in preparation, and out of the tradition: a Korean Baptist church, summer camp with Mennonites, AWANAs at essay about teaching english an American Baptist church, rubbed shoulders with some pagan witches – after all, Jesus made friends with everyone – all while in middle school. When I was still a child, still becoming a woman, a new understanding came to me in the form of essay preparation some foreign storytelling. In Japan, an entire genre of animation thrives under the name “anime.” As an outsider, my friend circle was comprised of the similarly outcast, with many individuals who appreciated this art form. It was easy to trade loves of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z (on American TV! Awesome!) but there were a few titles that were perhaps too edgy for the airwaves in the U.S. When I first came upon the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, the artwork alone was enough to essay preparation, draw me in. I still gravitate to its color schemes 15 years later. Besides color, it gave me a whole aesthetic, a new understanding.

It came to gmat preparation, me the same time the Left Behind books did. Apocalypse. Armageddon. It’s the story of the end of the world. There’s enough content to fill an entire book (or at least to persuasive, deserve its own post). For now it suffices to say it opened Christianity for me even further, like a supermassive black hole. Theoretical physics.

Jewish mysticism. Abnormal psychology. The themes and subjects addressed by this massive undertaking went, I thought, way over my head. But there was something about it that burrowed into my subconscious, thoughts and feelings that seemed to speak to that kind of gnoledge I mentioned in my preface. Appropriate, because it was my first introduction to literature outside the essay Christian canon – specifically, Kabbalah, midrash, and custom admissions essay xavier, the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was because of this anime that I eventually came across Gnostic scripture. It may even have influenced my choice of academic degrees: one in filmmaking, the other in philosophy. It is gmat, a perfect, beautiful, singular blend of secular and religious thought. And it is, I believe, a prophecy. Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung spent a great deal of time unpacking the custom xavier baggage of Western thought.

One concept, archetypes, factored heavily for me when re-watching Eva recently. Major liturgical characters and symbols emerge from the mire of the Second Impact. Adam, prototypical man. Angels, bringers of preparation war. A secret cabal of world players.

Hidden knowledge – the Kabbalist Tree of Life emblazoned on the ceiling of Gendo Ikari’s office headquartered at NERV, a giant pyramid. Teaching English? Lilith – Adam’s first wife, from the midrash tradition. The Lance of Longinus -that which cut Jesus on the cross. Adolescent anxiety about sex. Gmat Preparation? And through all this, Adam Kadmon. Oh, Adam Kadmon. Essays To Harvard? I would recommend that none of gmat preparation you start with Wikipedia on preparation that one, only because the language gets so dense so quickly. Patriarchy has an interesting way of obscuring concepts on which it’s founded.

Reading between the lines, the essay meaning of Adam Kadmon is such: “The original” Man without a vessel (woman) Man without a mother The one who existed before he came into the world The non-container who contains all souls… Until the Original Sin. Then he becomes the first. The first man, less so the persuasive essay steps original man. Gmat Essay? Flesh, containing spirit, rather than pure spirit. Gmat? But until then…(until sex? Until the creation of the corrupting vessel? Until…heck.) Divine light. Preparation? The possibility of perfect man. Man’s parts in harmony Divine light without needing substance on which to reflect.

The absolute abstract. Our collective parasite. And we are his hosts. As in Evangelion’s portrayal, we must be destroyed for Adam Kadmon to citations, thrive naturally. He is the primordial ooze from which defenses of gmat essay preparation masculinist theology flow. And like dualism, and essay steps, like misogyny, and like classism, and like authority, this idea too, must be understood and uprooted if we free thinking peoples of the world are to survive. The recognition of essay mutual requirement, the custom essay xavier university recognition of the integration of gmat matter and energy and their dynamic relationship with space and time, the acceptance of The Mother and preparation, the bounty of light she too provides, must take precedence if our species should survive, evolve, and thrive. Prophecy is the way for us to know what lies in store in their next stage of our evolution, because to some extent we have a say in how that goes. Leonard Shlain argues in Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light that prophecy is simply stating what has always been true, connecting the linear thread of past, present, and future into an indefatigable whole. There are three major sources of this timeless truth. Art, sex, and entheogens.

To get to the task of creation, and let yourself be awestruck and inspired when others make their offerings. Give yourself to the otherworldly terror that is intimacy and essay preparation, vulnerability when bodies and minds collide. Seek the persuasive essay wisdom of nature through plant medicine, and re-enter the divine maternal matrix of your consciousness and gmat essay preparation, your flesh. Custom Admissions? We thrive on dynamism, not stasis. Stasis is the only death, and vice versa. To demonstrate this knowledge I will soon be treating you to An Eve Like Me: My 12 Steps to Discovery and Self-Recovery, in gmat essay preparation, which I will entertain you with my tragic, comic sexual history, one man at a time, concluding with Adam Kadmon himself. [the strong feminine fights fascism; from to harvard, Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds ] This is an preparation, appeal, and an apology. I’ll get the argumentative about teaching bad news out of the way.

Apologies first. The bad news is that I’ll be airing all our dirty laundry to the world. I won’t use your names, but due to context your indentities may be mildly compromised to others. Essay Preparation? For this, I apologize. The bad news is that not all of you were satisfying to me for a variety of reasons, some of which you may not have known. Gmat Essay Preparation? How could you know if I didn’t tell you so? For all my words and gmat, all my creativity I sometimes find myself most at a loss to communicate with those closest to me. For this, I apologize. The bad news is essay citations, that I was not created to be possessed by any one person. While I’ve never been the kind to cheat in preparation, monogamous relationships, my mind and my person have always been a free, ungovernable state.

For those of you with whom I spent too much time, for those of you who felt you were investing in a future, in a family, I apologize. The bad news is admission essays, that I haven’t always taken into essay account the complexity of what it means to be a human being. Some of you may have felt used, objectified, unappreciated, unfairly dismissed. Essay Citations? For this, I apologize. The bad news is that I sometimes pretend to be happy, pretend to feel pleasure, pretend to be willing but I’m not. Essay Preparation? But for this, I cannot apologize. This is my appeal. I cannot apologize for the hours, days, weeks, months, years I’ve spent trying to please you men.

It’s what I was crafted to do. There were certain classes of information, conditioned by the fact of my sex to recognize. I was raised to believe that sex was all you really wanted. Through trial and error I discovered that massaging your ego was your actual desire. Essay Format? It never mattered how eager, how attentively I made love to you: what you seemed to gmat essay, want was my highest esteem. For me to tell you I’d never had anything so good.

Unfortunately, lovers, I’ve always privileged my own esteem over yours; my fragile ego forever taking precedence. Custom Admission To Harvard? You would never truly have my submission because you never deserved it. I sometimes sacrificed the promise of happiness for this fact. Gmat Essay Preparation? When you’ve been experiencing orgasm since the age of 4 at the fluid hands of rushing waters, there’s no dick, nor man, that would ever be so giving. Hear me, lovers. My innocence would never have been subdued by you – imperfect, vulnerable, insides soft with insecurity. I am a wild thing. All the while you tried to escape your wilderness, for control, maybe for lack of real power, maybe just because you didn’t know any better, but I could smell your fear of the wilderness in me. About English? But truly, all I ever wanted from you was an experience of this wilderness, this primal urge to shun the masks of civilized behavior to release the animal we were together. The analyzed, programmed, practiced sex many of us shared was a sham of what I sought.

Please, lovers, surprise your others. It is no sin to be vulnerable. Gmat Essay? The psychological violence of your state as a male, as a phallus, as a projecting, wasteful, weak piece of flesh will never satisfy the bodies that willingly provide themselves to you unless you transcend your limitations. Make her knees weak with your own submission to the power of the essay feminine body, projection of the feminine psyche. Get lost in the abyss of mystery and depth.

Accept your mortality. Growl satisfaction into her ear. Give her signs of your completion within her fecund womb. Deal with the reality that you came from a cunt, and accept your death at essay its return. Get over argumentative essay about teaching, your strange mothering. Lose control, but not compassion. Feel your soul release and transcend itself to preparation, the connectedness of preparation all beings to each other.

Comfort her in essay, her own virile wilderness. Be together. Be your better self. Be worthy of your status as a man. Argumentative Essay? Prove you’re worth more than some transient semen. Experience real passion rather than trying to protect her, or protect yourself. Unless you are legitimately trying to hurt her, there’s a lot more than you’re giving that she can probably handle. And for fuck’s sake, believe that when I said all I really wanted was someone to fuck regularly without all the trappings of traditional man/woman relationships, I wasn’t fucking lying to essay, you, you fucking idiots. So fuck, and learn to do it well. Not just with bodies, but with minds.

Otherwise, you’ll never be free. Welcome to Moral Monday. Our first topic! HOLY WAR [HOLE-Y WAR] Has the American Christian Right been mobilized to defeat a new generation of Christs? Can women be Christs? Is the hashtag the new Amen? Is this hell?

“Forgive them, father, they know not what they do.” Jesus’ appeal was to custom essays, the Father. The Father of essay preparation Knowing. What proceeds is a cry from a gnoeing mother. That autocorrected to argumentative essay english, gnawing mother. But I’m not lactating and I don’t think I was breastfed? But I do like having my tits gnawed on. Ok! Here goes. What’s happened to essay preparation, our mothers? I can ask that question because mine, sadly, is dead.

She suffered, died and essay citations format, was buried, and I hope somewhere in this myriad of soul she can be embraced to save others. She was kind-hearted, passive aggressive, a great storyteller, had poor self-care habits, and was virulently Republican, Protestant. Preparation? Not virulently Protestant – she married a Catholic who fulfilled his sworn duty to love and protect her to the fucking bitter end. But our mothers’ souls have been captured by the enemy. The fucking bitter enemy. Oh! Fucking. Custom Xavier University? That’s a “curse” word, a “swear” word, something frowned upon in the logos of God. “God-Fearing.” Yeah, true enough, they worship a fearsome God, one who spreads gems of socially, sexually, pathologically violent excuses for when you judge by the laws of the Pharisees. Which God is gmat, being served by study, these people.

Who becomes the gmat essay Satan? Hitler’s God. Custom Admissions Essay Xavier University? Hitler’s Satan. Exactly. Essay Preparation? Why would A simple word like “fucking” stand out to someone when bitter is so bold? The pain – my confrontation with the void – it still haunts me!

I must tell what I have seen, in essay, the name of He, She, and I between. Look, I can talk about God because I’ve been with a few. Gmat Essay Preparation? God is just the image Man makes of himself to gmat, justify his abstract behavior. Like when a man is in porno-mode and forgets you’re a human being while he’s fucking you. I, however, built my defenses by watching a lot of porn, and early. Partly inspired by an online peadophile when I was 12, So. I gained a healthy skepticism of gmat essay preparation this God thing, at least calling into question everything everyone ever said about essays to harvard, Him. Gmat Essay Preparation? Ever. So, I resolved to take that walk with Thee. That is, to try to walk the walk and talk the custom admission essays to harvard talk of Jesus. The traditionalists, the Church slaves, raged at me.

I rebelled behind closed doors in cars, on picnic tables, outside community colleges, in Gnosticism, in philosophy, in art, in mushrooms, in love. Why should I take their word for it rather than experiencing it myself? What could these old white men claim to know about God that could possibly be the whole story for me? Oh yeah, I can’t do that because I’m a woman. I got news for essay you folks. Women, and argumentative about teaching, the feminine divine, like to fuck too. #SheGnoes. But everyone likes to have their cake and eat it, too. I’ve had a hard time understanding that idiom.

I’ve wanted to become my true self, walk the walk, love my neighbor, immerse myself in the mysteries of existence all while avoiding the unrepentant mythologies. Gmat Essay Preparation? I’ve wanted a man who could want me without needing me. I found men are other capable of either, or neither. Essays To Harvard? They could want, for so long. Essay? They could need things I wouldn’t give. They would need an ego’s comfort. But thy wouldn’t, really, be able to know thyself without gnoeing like She. and since that was my mission, I took from essay format, them what I could (insight into God) and went, sometimes kicking and screaming, to essay, the next man with Jesus who just laughed and laughed dragging me along. The other day a member of my spiritual family gave me a wonderful compliment.

He said that I was the reason people used to burn women at the stake. And he’s right. The moralizing right wastes its energies condemning anti-status quo activities. Gmat Preparation? They who would condemn me as evil, a fornicator, harlot, blasphemer while they and other members of their tribe . That’s okay. I forgive them too. Because forgiveness is key. Forgiveness is crucial. I forgive the cruelty of men.

I forgive the cruelty of the suffering souls who visit it on others. I forgive those micropenised false prophets. It’s easy to forgive when you realize The Power, where it comes from, how Heaven can work through it and through you. The majority’s morality at least loves itself. Let’s show God of the Knowing we’re on his side by gmat preparation, making Love our business. Don’t let them take the holy gift of fucking from us. If you’re gonna fuck, fuck passionately, carefully, consensually, and pray for your enemies. But I must take another path because I’m sick of fucking false messiahs. By Her name I declare myself on sex strike.

This luscious, affectionate, thorough lover is saving herself for custom essays Jesus’ immanent return. Gmat Preparation? And Jesus knows I’m good enough to come back for. BRING IT ON JESUS I’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOU HERE SO I CAN FUCK SOMETHING REAL. On this eve of essay my birthday (I have a birthday!) I greet you with Saturn Days. Why’s Saturn such a big deal that it deserves its own day? Well, let me tell you. First, I should mention my birthday puts me on firm ground as a Saggitarius (Ophiuchus’ time is now? Almost.

More on that later.) with Jupiter as my ruling planet. Gmat Essay Preparation? This makes Capricorns the admission essays to harvard Saturnine of the zodiac. And I have lots of experience with Capricorns. My father, my little brother, the first guy I ever fucked, the best guy I ever fucked (different people), my best friend, my gay best friend (also different people), all Caps. So this isn’t meant to be a shitpost. I just want you to know that I know them in their many facets. Saturnine nature is this:The father. Rule, order, control.

Patient when it can be. Loyal. Sensitive, though largely silent. Measure. Rule. Harsh, painful, corrective, commanding. If you catch it in gmat essay, a good mood it can be funny as hell, in essay, a bad mood, and you’d swear the darkness swells from their very eyes. But principally, Saturn can be understood as the keeper of time.

Western civilization has been the experiment and essay preparation, experience of the Saturnine age. We are still experiencing the birth pangs of the Aquarian. Substance Study? We’ve forgotten all about Jupiter’s fortune, the Eden we’ve all known in earlier lives. But because Saturn values measure, it’s time to measure it up for what it is, learn what we can about Eden, and move the fuck on. Essay Preparation? Civilization draws to a close. What will we have in its wake? Art Physics: Parallel Visions in essay, Space, Time, and gmat essay preparation, Light by english, Leonard Shlain changed my life.

All of gmat essay preparation his books are phenomenal, but this was my first. In it, he plots out the persuasive essay development of gmat our sense of time and space and connects it to artists’ capacity to envision imaginative realities that stretch the boundaries between accepted fact and new knowledge in a civilization. Each chapter, pairs of dynamic opposites. His most interesting claim, perhaps, is that artists have historically prophesied, in their way, the coming of admission essays new naturalistic understandings until, of course, artists and gmat essay, scientists converged in their understandings in essay steps, the last century with the coming of Cubism/Dadaism in art and special relativity/quantum theory in physics. The birth pangs of our current conflicts may just stem from the difficulty in transitioning from linear, static understandings of space and time (3D, classical Newtonian paradigms) to gmat essay, the fluid, bizarre singularity of past, present, and persuasive steps, future and essay, our transcendence of essay xavier university these categories through light. Saturn, Kronos, the aesthetic of the essay age has been masculine. The future, as some now rightly claim, is female. And The Sacred Feminine bears many gifts, friends. Our reclamation of this is in essay preparation, its infancy, but everything has to start somewhere. We can see this through. We can be shiny and new.

We can recognize what lack there is when form Trumps content. Gmat Essay? We can grow from our experiences with civilization as its discontents. We can go, not back, but forward, on, to the garden. But first we have to establish – thanks, Saturn – some guidelines. Let’s do it together.

See ya next time, neighbor! Happy birthday to me! Original form: iPhone note from custom essays, iPhone 5s. Recently rediscovered, then emailed to gmat essay, self with subject line ‘slut: raw unedited.’ Written sometime during July of citations format 2013, a few months before she died. To anyone who was wondering this was that “best thing I’ve ever written.” Let’s see if I can do something here…It’ll be difficult because I’m buzzing so hard on gmat preparation nicotine right now. There are some things I want to tell you that don’t come out easily while I’m sitting in the room with you.

Part of it is the substance of opium guilt. It has almost been one full year since your ordeal started – a year that I feel has been robbed from you and our family. It’s like we’re all swirling in black holes of uncertainty. Gmat Essay Preparation? It would be presumptuous, rude, selfish to think that we share your suffering because none of us can know what you yourself have gone through since this first started. They put that trach in you in October.

Since then our conversations with you have been, if not one-sided, at least something less than equal communication. We all feel guilty when you speak but cannot be heard – picking out words of phrases from the movements of your mouth that are not always the ones you intend for us to understand. It is pain, and suffering, and frustration that we cannot hear your voice, that we cannot know your mind. Even now I feel guilty that I’m not in admission to harvard, that room with you – that because your eyes were closed when I walked in that I could assume you we’re sleeping even though your brows furrowed. It’s strange to miss you even though I spend so much time by your side. Even so, it feels like I don’t spend enough time with you. I don’t know if you feel more loneliness when I’m there or when I’m not there. For a long time I would visit you and every time I would cry. Gmat Preparation? Maybe it was just selfishness, feeling sorry for myself, but I have always tried to empathize with you – to make myself feel what you feel – but there’s no way for argumentative me to do that, is there? It feels like there’s nothing I can do or say to make life better for essay preparation you. You still lay there, unable to rebuild your strength, while your mind is argumentative about teaching english, ravaged by the myriad medications that keep you from the seizures that started chipping away at your freedom so many years ago.

They also keep you from other things – thinking clearly, responding fully to questions, and only you and gmat, God know what else they do to you. It’s like we’ve gambled something precious away in hopes that we can bide enough time to persuasive, make you healthy again. I need you to know that I’m burdened, but not by you – only by this experience that I draw so fully in to myself. We share this burden together with family, and friends, and everyone touched by the love that keeps us from coming completely apart, that keeps us from growing cold and gmat essay preparation, helpless like the dead. We are wounded, not dead. You are wounded – you are not dead, and I will not treat you like the dead. I will continue to exasperate and disappoint you. I will continue trying to citations, make you smile, trying to make you aware that whether you see us by your bedside or not, that we’re always there with you because we have no choice but to return the love you always shared so freely with us. I cannot choose to be anything other than the person I am, the person you helped to make.

Of course I wish this was easier for all of gmat essay preparation us – of course I wish I was working, I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time at your bedside, but I will not leave you as long as you must be here. It was so inspiring to persuasive essay steps, me when, day before yesterday, the woman who evaluated you asked if you were feeling depressed, and you said “no.” This experience is hard for me too, but you always push me to be stranger than I’ve been before, whether you mean to or not. God damnit. Original date would have been something like July 17, 2014. oH AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, HERE’S THE POSTER. On this day and every day, I hate myself for not taking the footage I shot in Baton Rouge and editing it over the audio of the gmat essay preparation children who spoke at the rally before the battle. One day I will do this.

I hate the alienation of geography, and the capacity we indulge to exist in little digital bubbles, all of which are being monitored. For those of us with a desire to custom admission essays, lead the sheep away from slaughter, I weep. I get angry. I get so violently angry at the ability of one side to dismiss its own evils to embrace the great divide. Black Friday, the consumer holiday. The day deals are sought. For years, I’ve been thinking of it like Black Magic. Essay Preparation? Not the magic of black people, which is immense, full of heart, some of the finest art, some of the purest, most beautiful expression – but the fear-mongering occult elitism practiced by The “Masters” of custom our world. People tearing each other apart for gmat preparation junk products.

Black magic. Child sex abuse black magic. Windfall profits from persuasive essay steps, distant wars black magic. Gmat? Black mirrors and broken people magic. The Upside Down of morality. The death-worshipping nihilism. The judgement of guilty men. The self-fulfilling prophecy of custom essay modern autocratic economics and subterfuge. One of the more harrowing realities is that the status quo has at its disposal the largest arsenal man has ever stockpiled. If we all rise up, they can, and may, silence us to death. Gmat Essay Preparation? Most Americans only experience this as a dumbing-down of essay their education system, built to gmat preparation, measure and manage a new class of admissions xavier worker slaves.

You can’t work on Thanksgiving? You’re fired – Good luck finding a job. Rarer still, one worth your capacities in this market. Essay Preparation? People are so brilliant, so loving, so oppressed. Our potentials are being squandered. This market is populated by yes-men, admins, managers, officers, whose stated objective is control of the mass of workers.

This is a terrifying time. The workers have forgotten the brutality of the elites, instead giving voice to the interests of their “betters.” They don’t know they’re betting on substance abuse case their own defeat. In the summer of 2014 I had the great privilege of traveling to Europe under University of New Orleans’ summer programs. But it wasn’t all fun and games. The objective I had, traveling there, was to walk a concentration camp. I was taking a photography class at the time.

First Terezin in the Czech Republic, then Auschwitz in Poland, outside Osweicim, a beautiful and vibrant town. Along those rows, I set a camera between myself and gmat preparation, fascism to try to manage and express the feel of a place. Custom To Harvard? I tell you, not only essay preparation Jews went into those ovens. Revolutionaries, political dissidents, artists. In Hitler’s quest for power, his aesthetic was the root of citations format all the evil. The authoritarian rejects all authority but His own. Fascism operates, as Mussolini noted, in the marriage between a strong state and strong corporate establishments. While America supposedly defeated fascism, Hitler had gotten many of the Reich’s most oppressive and satanic ideas from American elites. When capitalism won the Western day, oppressed workers were managed again into helplessness, and wealthy Nazis escaped punishment and went into hiding, or were contracted out to dictatorial, fascist governments. Gmat? So the strong state and corporate economy returned with impressive force.

The veneer of Public Relations, Bernay’s’ word for teaching propaganda, fogged out the real deal. Gmat Essay Preparation? Advertising is fascist. Propaganda is advertising. Authoritarians use propaganda to inspire the masses into abuse thinking all this was their idea. But we are all of us deceived. Essay? Or are we? Sustainability and life understood through sustainable forms of essay about teaching organization, energy and medicine production, agriculture and natural cooperation can be a light in all this darkness.

We have to evolve. We have to stop caring when the books go Black and paint our own alternatives, in the name of all that is sacred. Alligator-trapping good old boys have more in common with hippie communists than either have with the technocrats engineering this dystopian hell for the masses to accept. To hell with Black Friday. This is gmat essay preparation, my own personal Black Friday. Today is the persuasive essay steps third anniversary of my mother’s untimely death. Gmat? Some of you may be aware of the documentary I’ve been working on about this series of events. Expect an update on that tomorrow, on my Tumblr and Indiegogo project page, with Steph Saturday. Until then, I’ll be in admission essays, my own personal Black Friday, stumbling through the darkness for that creative light. Theosophy Thanksgiving: An ode to friends and enemies with Preface. There was a time too long ago when I lived in harmony with a group of others.

Our common thread was art – specifically, we’d all gone to an art school that anyone could apply into and, if accepted, would have their tuition board paid (if you were in high school). We formed impenetrable bonds. Gmat? We were (mostly) well-behaved. We had the most wonderful experience getting to know each other. We didn’t have the money to do this except to work service industry jobs, but we also took care of each other.

Then, as now, we believed in the power of creativity. There was a time that was something of value. So thanks to substance case study, the true believers, who don’t just take whatever comes down the pipe for you to consume and treat as Gospel. Thanks also to essay, the people who do, and who treat that Gospel as the tool of an evil, sadistic power. Gmat Preparation? And thanks to the modern Pharisees. And thanks be to the meek, in essay preparation, their fearful stupor, like animals led to slaughter.

And thanks to admission essays, every legitimate criticism I ever received. And thanks to the countless seers who’ve lost their lives in an attempt to spread the truth. Between these forces, I know the stakes and gmat, quality of the struggle. I hope we can find a creative exorcise of this immeasurable pain. Theosophy Thursdays Part .5 – Preface. It seems to me new ways of thinking are crucial at this time.

My chosen medium – on Thursdays at least – is theosophy. What is argumentative essay english, theosophy? Simply put, theology combined with philosophy. While it’s true that theosophy has a history, Theosophy Thursdays are not bounded just to theosophy in essay preparation, a historical context. Custom Admissions Xavier? Instead, they are a place for me to blend broad strokes of attempted wisdom, dealing with questions of religious x secular thought and gmat, lived experience. It’s fitting that theosophy as a historical phenomenon revolves around a woman. I am woman, but first I was a girl. The differences were made plain to me from an early age. Video documentation exists: interior, living room, ranch house in Mobile, Alabama. “I’m a girl,” I say to argumentative about teaching english, my little brother. Essay Preparation? “No,” he replies.

I’ve been made quite sure I’m right. Boundaries exist for me in a way they don’t for about teaching english either my older or younger brother. When I was a girl, it meant between the gmat cul-de-sacs. Now I’m a woman, and they’re goddamn everywhere but nowhere so much as the realm of thought. Boundaries, closer for the girl.

Limitations of my freedom, which always set me to english, ire. Gmat Essay Preparation? I am 9 or 10. “It’s not my rule, it’s God’s rule. Argumentative Essay About Teaching? Woman submits to man. It’s in the Bible,” my older brother chides. What defense does a girl have for this? She simmers and churns, mind set to the task of understanding this contradiction in terms. A lesser child of God.

To submit, it seemed to me, was something a slave, not The Saved, ought to do. So too did those “good” books say that man’s instructions are for he himself to submit not to his wife, but to his God. Essay? When God is invisible, exerting His power behind the scenes, inches away behind the mirror of the world, submission is a bit easier. Steps? Even so most men don’t, unless being psychopathic pedophiles fits the bill of Holy service. Why would God need to look lower to see the prostitute at an abortion clinic than to see “His” own priests behaving badly? Don’t we all belong to each other as well as God? Didn’t Jesus prefer prostitutes to priests. But I didn’t yet know what the world would be within and without The Word. And it’s the gmat essay reign of The Word that became plain to me. These dense stories sometimes did me good, but they also seemed to enable the worst usurpers of gmat essay love, life, and innocents. Their power comes from a professed submission to The Good Book.

We now know a little more about what happened in history that shaped that book. Essay? And I tell you, that book ain’t the whole story. The Powerful proclaim their power from that of God, but I’ve come to disagree. This is not the essay xavier God I’ve come to gno. It’s the God of gmat NO. Know nothing, say the steps wise teachers. Know nothing to know everything. Understand the 0. Understand also the 1. There is gmat preparation, no alternative save for this. But they are wrong, God Damnit. There is another way.

In the Greek, there are two words for “to know.” They signify different kinds of knowing. In English, this is custom admission to harvard, sometimes divided between “knowing” and “understanding.” Epistem – knowing facts. Gnosis – knowing by experience. But there’s a difference in value, here and now. Which do you find has more power? To know or to understand? Understand. A soft command. Know.

Said like…No. Negation. Absolution. Nothing. But to know is to gmat, be certain. To understand? One is custom admissions essay xavier university, reality, the other a truthful fiction, the best a limited mind could do. But for a mind to know? Nothing. Limit experiences as much as possible. Plan.

Analyse, strategize, prophecy, /know. Limit. Boundaries. If you employ limit, if you create boundaries, those things that focus can be known. But this knowledge is gmat, hollow. I say gno . Custom Admission To Harvard? It works. It’s almost like gyno. It’s the rallying cry of a new understanding, a new no, a new know, and is the opposite of nothing. And it’s still fucking Greek.

So in the Greek we have, on the one hand, “epistem” and on the other “gnosis.” Know is a German bastard word. Epistem and its children form the world of secular knowledge. What can be known is limited by this concept in much intellectual and academic thought. Gnosis, however, is a concept that was annihilated by preparation, the early Catholic Church to limit and control the masses. Gnostics, as they’re broadly known (gnogn), refused to recognize the authority of the Church. Their culture and literature were burned out of existence, their ideas forever lost.

White Wednesday: Thanksgiving Prep. Certain things became clear to me when I prepared for the protest in Baton Rouge in support of Black Lives Matter. Because of custom xavier university a sexy Instagram post that my older broth shared with my grandmother, she and I had an hours long conversation the night before. We’d had our many differences in the past but this seemed to break the essay straw for admissions xavier her. She was hysterical. One point that comes back to me these months later is gmat essay, that she couldn’t fathom why I would be supporting the movement when my father had provided so much for me. Admission To Harvard? She recognized my privilege (not with that vocabulary), couldn’t understand why it hadn’t immobilized me ideologically, and gmat essay, wished that it had. I protested in Baton Rouge against substance abuse study of opium the extrajudicial murders of gmat preparation American citizens who didn’t have the protection that my skin offers me. They ought to have equal protection under the law as American citizens. Essay Citations Format? Ought to have due process.

Ought to have fair trials. My commitment to justice runs deep. At first, it drove me to gmat essay preparation, the Libertarian option, concerned as it is with constitutional protection of citizens and a dislike for social conservatism. Custom Essay University? But I was just a child. Essay Preparation? Once I came to understand more than a simple constitutional analysis, more than mistrust of the argumentative teaching fractional reserve banking system, I went fully anarchist. By that time many of my family members, who had once dismissed Libertarian criticisms as insane, had themselves taken an interest. But I’d already moved on. From Libertarianism through conspiracy theory landscapes to anarchist theory and practice, to seeing a church full of worshippers gunned down by a white supremacist in Charleston, to Philando Castille, murdered in front of his family. He could have been my brother, leaving my nephew without a father. It could have been the church I grew up in, if I’d been born a black woman.

It could have been my grandmother. On the day after the massacre, I went to visit her in Mississippi and went with her to her hair appointment. A woman like her held the preparation scissors and railed on about The Blacks on welfare. Custom Admissions? On this day? On this day?

After the things I’ve seen, I feel more right than ever. White America is an abused animal that strives to please it’s abuser because no one else is around to serve. It rails against all peoples and cultures outside of gmat preparation itself. More than that, it disavows products of essay citations format its own culture that resist authoritarian adherence. Its foot soldiers – organized white supremacist groups – yawp about the gmat essay war against whites and insist on case of opium the superiority of white culture. But these assholes don’t appreciate culture. They have no culture to defend anymore. Gmat? All the art, music, literature, history created and custom admissions xavier, maintained by gmat, whites has been forgotten or cursed in favor of Southern Living magazine, meaningless symbolism of hateful flags, lip service to preparation, law and gmat essay, order, shitty reality TV and essay, Blue Lives Matter.

They had been the ones making cries about anti-constitutional behaviors. Now they’re making excuses for it. At this time, we’re seeing senseless violence and abuse of Water Protectors in North Dakota. Gmat Essay Preparation? The reality is that for all their indignation, white people are duplicitous thieves who cheated, stole, and capitalized on an advanced civilization to amplify their power and profit in these United States. There is no moral authority, then or now, to privilege “our” needs over those of essay format Native Americans or any other marginalized group. This new “reality” cannot be accepted. Essay? The authority claimed by state and business interests is the essay authority of tyrants and thieves. These people and their appeals to the basest forms of gmat essay pride have no more moral authority than you or I. They may not know it, but they are fascists. Admission Essays? We must assert our difference. We must assert our diversity.

We must challenge this worldview and defeat it with the quality of our passion, our capacity to love our neighbors, our belief that human life is worth more than our familiar comforts. We must learn to gmat essay, incorporate ourselves under the rubric of revolt. They’re coming for you next.

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6 Foods That Get Rid Of Bloating ( 5 Foods That Cause It!) Bloating: we’ve all experienced it, and gmat preparation it’s never pleasant. Bloating makes our jeans feel a little bit tighter, puffs up our stomachs and essay preparation can sometimes even give us gas and an uncomfortable feeling of preparation pressure. Bloating is temporary—but you can help your body out by persuasive steps nibbling on certain bloat-busting foods, as well as avoiding a few that cause bloating to gmat preparation, begin with. We talked to essay preparation, Diane Blahut, a clinical dietician at Johns Hopkins Nutrition Clinic in essay preparation, Baltimore, for tips on how to beat the bloat! “Bloating is format caused by excess air (gas) in the intestines,” Blahut says. It can happen for essay preparation, several reasons: food allergies and intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and pre-menstrual syndrome—but more often than not, eating certain foods that either produce gas or cause your body to retain water is the culprit. The way that you eat a food can also make you bloat, too—like eating too quickly or drinking from a straw. “Air can get into your digestive system by being swallowed.

To minimize the amount of air you swallow, eat slowly and gmat essay preparation chew your food thoroughly,” Blahut says. Bloating is preparation rarely serious, but as it is sometimes associated with certain digestive disorders and allergies, Blahut recommends seeing a doctor if you have frequent, uncomfortable bloating. “If you suspect lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, or if you have other symptoms such as diarrhea or abdominal pain with eating, see your doctor,” she says. Think twice before picking up the saltshaker. Steps! Salty foods cause your body to gmat essay preparation, retain water, which will give you the classic bloated stomach. Feel a bit puffy after a meal?

Avoid salty foods for the rest of the day to deflate fast. “These include processed foods such as canned foods, frozen meals, chips, pretzels, lunch meat, bacon, hot dogs and essay cheese,” Blahut says. “Certain fiber-containing foods like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) can cause gas production,” Blahut says. Avoid these if you’re prone to bloating, or at least reduce your intake. Can’t sacrifice the foods you love? Taking a supplement like Beano (available at grocery stores) before a meal, which is a tablet that contains an enzyme that helps your body digest foods, can keep you stay gas (and bloat!) free. We’ve all heard the “beans, beans the magical fruit” rhyme. Like cruciferous veggies, eating beans also can lead to essay, increased gas production. But beans are also high in argumentative essay about, fiber and protein, so you shouldn’t necessarily nix ‘em from preparation, your diet! Try eating smaller portions at a time or taking a supplement like Beano or a gas-reducing pill like simethicone, both of which you can buy at essay steps, a pharmacy or grocery story, if you’re worried about gas and gmat essay bloating. Custom Essays! As Blahut said, anything that’s going to create air will also create bloat. “If you’re feeling bloated, avoid chewing gum,” Blahut says.

If you’re just chewing gum to freshen your breath, try a mint instead to essay, avoid the argumentative essay teaching bloating side effects. Like gum, a glass of beer or soda will puff up your stomach. But like everything on this list, there’s no need to preparation, abstain completely from the foods and drinks you enjoy. Moderation is key, but if you already do feel bloated, that glass of seltzer water won’t do you any good. Custom Admissions Xavier! Drinking lots of plain water is a great way to de-bloat. It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies with a high water content can actually help reduce bloating. Pineapple is a prime example—delicious and tropical, it’s also great at flushing your system out essay preparation, because of the essay format combination of preparation enzymes it has. Substance Of Opium! “[Pineapple] contains an gmat essay preparation, enzyme called bromelain which helps digest proteins. It is theorized that bromelain decreases inflammation and can help reduce bloating, but to custom essays to harvard, my knowledge there is little actual scientific research into the specific topic.

Pineapples also contain potassium, which helps combat water retention caused by eating foods high in salt,” Blahut says. Gmat Preparation! Ginger delivers a ton of gmat health benefits, and helping with digestion is one of them! Ginger can soothe stomachaches and nausea, as well as help reduce bloating. “[Ginger] has been used for thousands of years to treat various gastrointestinal issues. It contains an enzyme called zingibain that helps digest proteins. Various other active compounds block signals of essay preparation nausea and vomiting from reaching the brain and may reduce intestinal spasms,” Blahut says. Abuse Case Of Opium! Try sipping on essay preparation some ginger tea or chewing on candied ginger. The pickled ginger at sushi restaurants is also a good palette cleanser! Don’t like the taste? You can also buy ginger supplements in study, pill form at health foods stores. Not all dairy products are created equal.

While cheese and gmat essay milk (especially if you’re lactose intolerant or even just sensitive to dairy) can cause your stomach to about english, puff up, yogurt can help slim you down. Why? Probiotics. This good bacteria helps your intestines process foods better, beating bloating at the same time. “Some intestinal gas is preparation caused by argumentative essay teaching ‘bad’ bacteria breaking down food in your GI tract and releasing gas in the process. Consuming probiotics may help keep a healthy balance of bacteria in essay, your gut,” Blahut says. Like ginger, peppermint has been lauded for substance abuse case study, centuries for its digestive properties. “[Peppermint] calms muscles in the stomach [and] allows gas to pass,” Blahut says.

Sipping on some peppermint tea, taking peppermint oil supplements or even sucking on gmat some peppermint candy can help soothe your system if you feel bloated. Bananas are great snacks—they’re filling and portable! But here’s even more reason to love bananas: “[They’re] high in potassium, which can help combat water retention from salty foods. Unripe bananas have a certain starch that can cause gas, however, so make sure you eat ripe bananas to help with bloating,” Blahut says. This delicious breakfast food hasn’t been specifically linked to bloating, Blahut says, but it could make a difference if you experience constipation or gas, which do often go hand in hand with bloating. “[It’s] high in soluble fiber. Fiber does help maintain bowel regularity, and avoiding constipation is one way to avoid bloating,” she says. Essay Citations! Not an oatmeal fan? Get your soluble fiber fix from apples, pears and strawberries. Gmat Essay! While having a bloated stomach can make you feel gross and uncomfortable, there are many quick fixes if you watch what you eat, chew slowly and try some of these bloat-busting foods! 6 Food Subscription Boxes For A Healthier School Year.

15 Times in College When You Realize Just How Lazy You Are. How to Stay Healthy at essay steps, Football Tailgates: HC#039;s Pick It or Skip It Guide. Target Just Released a Line of $5 Wines Our Bank Accounts Have Never Been More Grateful. The Only Dorm Grocery List You’ll Ever Need. Amazon Will Cut Whole Foods#039; Prices Once It Takes Over the Store. Essay Preparation! College is hard. We make it easier! Katie is the Senior Associate Editor of Her Campus. Substance Abuse Study! She graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2015, where she studied Writing Seminars, psychology, and women's studies. Gmat! Prior to joining the full-time staff, Katie was a national contributing writer and Health Editor for HC.

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I appreciate your willingness after these six arduous days to remain here, for I know well the sleepless hours which you and I have had. I regret that I am late, but I have no control over the winds of Heaven and could only be thankful for my Navy training. The appearance before a National Convention of its nominee for President, to be formally notified of his selection, is unprecedented and unusual, but these are unprecedented and unusual times. I have started out on the tasks that lie ahead by breaking the absurd traditions that the candidate should remain in professed ignorance of essay preparation, what has happened for weeks until he is formally notified of custom essays to harvard, that event many weeks later. My friends, may this be the symbol of my intention to be honest and to avoid all hypocrisy or sham, to avoid all silly shutting of the eyes to preparation the truth in this campaign. Essay Format? You have nominated me and I know it, and I am here to thank you for the honor. Let it also be symbolic that in so doing I broke traditions. Let it be from now on the task of our Party to break foolish traditions. We will break foolish traditions and leave it to the Republican leadership, far more skilled in that art, to break promises. Let us now and here highly resolve to resume the country's interrupted march along the path of real progress, of real justice, of real equality for all of our citizens, great and small.

Our indomitable leader in that interrupted march is no longer with us, but there still survives today his spirit. Gmat Essay Preparation? Many of his captains, thank God, are still with us, to give us wise counsel. Let us feel that in everything we do there still lives with us, if not the body, the great indomitable, unquenchable, progressive soul of about, our Commander-in-Chief, Woodrow Wilson. I have many things on which I want to make my position clear at the earliest possible moment in this campaign. That admirable document, the gmat essay preparation, platform which you have adopted, is persuasive essay clear.

I accept it 100 percent. And you can accept my pledge that I will leave no doubt or ambiguity on essay where I stand on any question of moment in this campaign. As we enter this new battle, let us keep always present with us some of the ideals of the Party: The fact that the Democratic Party by tradition and by custom to harvard the continuing logic of history, past and present, is the bearer of liberalism and of progress and at the same time of safety to our institutions. Gmat Essay? And if this appeal fails, remember well, my friends, that a resentment against custom the failure of Republican leadership--and note well that in this campaign I shall not use the word Republican Party, but I shall use, day in gmat preparation and day out, the words, Republican leadership--the failure of Republican leaders to solve our troubles may degenerate into unreasoning radicalism. The great social phenomenon of about teaching english, this depression, unlike others before it, is that it has produced but a few of the disorderly manifestations that too often attend upon such times.

Wild radicalism has made few converts, and the greatest tribute that I can pay to my countrymen is that in these days of crushing want there persists an gmat essay preparation, orderly and hopeful spirit on the part of the millions of our people who have suffered so much. To fail to offer them a new chance is not only to betray their hopes but to misunderstand their patience. To meet by citations format reaction that danger of radicalism is to invite disaster. Reaction is no barrier to the radical. It is a challenge, a provocation. Gmat Preparation? The way to meet that danger is to offer a workable program of reconstruction, and the party to offer it is the party with clean hands.

This, and this only, is a proper protection against blind reaction on the one hand and an improvised, hit-or-miss, irresponsible opportunism on custom admissions essay university the other. There are two ways of viewing the Government's duty in gmat matters affecting economic and admission to harvard social life. The first sees to it that a favored few are helped and hopes that some of preparation, their prosperity will leak through, sift through, to labor, to the farmer, to the small business man. That theory belongs to the party of Toryism, and about english I had hoped that most of the Tories left this country in 1776. But it is not and gmat preparation never will be the theory of the Democratic Party. This is abuse of opium no time for fear, for reaction or for timidity. Here and gmat essay preparation now I invite those nominal Republicans who find that their conscience cannot be squared with the groping and the failure of their party leaders to join hands with us; here and now, in essay citations equal measure, I warn those nominal Democrats who squint at the future with their faces turned toward the past, and who feel no responsibility to the demands of the new time, that they are out of step with their Party. Yes, the people of preparation, this country want a genuine choice this year, not a choice between two names for essay citations format the same reactionary doctrine. Ours must be a party of liberal thought, of planned action, of enlightened international outlook, and of the greatest good to the greatest number of our citizens.

Now it is inevitable--and the choice is that of the times--it is gmat preparation inevitable that the main issue of this campaign should revolve about the clear fact of our economic condition, a depression so deep that it is without precedent in modern history. It will not do merely to state, as do Republican leaders to explain their broken promises of continued inaction, that the depression is worldwide. That was not their explanation of the apparent prosperity of 1928. The people will not forget the claim made by essay preparation them then that prosperity was only a domestic product manufactured by a Republican President and a Republican Congress. If they claim paternity for the one they cannot deny paternity for the other. I cannot take up all the problems today. I want to touch on a few that are vital. Gmat? Let us look a little at the recent history and citations format the simple economics, the kind of economics that you and I and the average man and woman talk. In the years before 1929 we know that this country had completed a vast cycle of building and inflation; for ten years we expanded on the theory of gmat, repairing the wastes of the War, but actually expanding far beyond that, and also beyond our natural and normal growth.

Now it is essay xavier university worth remembering, and the cold figures of gmat preparation, finance prove it, that during that time there was little or no drop in the prices that the consumer had to pay, although those same figures proved that the custom essays, cost of production fell very greatly; corporate profit resulting from this period was enormous; at the same time little of that profit was devoted to the reduction of prices. The consumer was forgotten. Very little of it went into increased wages; the worker was forgotten, and by preparation no means an adequate proportion was even paid out in custom admissions essay dividends--the stockholder was forgotten. And, incidentally, very little of gmat preparation, it was taken by essay citations taxation to the beneficent Government of those years. What was the preparation, result? Enormous corporate surpluses piled up-- the most stupendous in history. Custom Essay Xavier? Where, under the spell of delirious speculation, did those surpluses go? Let us talk economics that the figures prove and that we can understand. Why, they went chiefly in two directions: first, into new and unnecessary plants which now stand stark and idle; and second, into the call-money market of Wall Street, either directly by the corporations, or indirectly through the banks. Those are the facts.

Why blink at them? Then came the crash. You know the story. Surpluses invested in unnecessary plants became idle. Men lost their jobs; purchasing power dried up; banks became frightened and started calling loans. Those who had money were afraid to part with it. Credit contracted. Industry stopped. Commerce declined, and gmat essay unemployment mounted. And there we are today.

Translate that into human terms. Custom Admissions Xavier University? See how the events of the past three years have come home to gmat preparation specific groups of people: first, the group dependent on industry; second, the group dependent on agriculture; third, and made up in large part of members of the first two groups, the people who are called small investors and gmat essay preparation depositors. Gmat Essay? In fact, the strongest possible tie between the first two groups, agriculture and industry, is the fact that the savings and to a degree the security of both are tied together in that third group--the credit structure of the Nation. Never in history have the interests of all the gmat essay preparation, people been so united in a single economic problem. Picture to yourself, for instance, the great groups of property owned by millions of our citizens, represented by credits issued in gmat preparation the form of bonds and mortgages--Government bonds of all kinds, Federal, State, county, municipal; bonds of industrial companies, of essay format, utility companies; mortgages on gmat real estate in farms and cities, and finally the vast investments of the Nation in the railroads. What is the measure of the security of each of those groups? We know well that in case study our complicated, interrelated credit structure if any one of these credit groups collapses they may all collapse. Danger to one is danger to all.

How, I ask, has the present Administration in Washington treated the interrelationship of these credit groups? The answer is clear: It has not recognized that interrelationship existed at gmat preparation, all. Why, the Nation asks, has Washington failed to understand that all of these groups, each and every one, the top of the pyramid and persuasive essay steps the bottom of the pyramid, must be considered together, that each and gmat preparation every one of custom essays, them is gmat dependent on substance abuse case study of opium every other; each and gmat preparation every one of substance study, them affecting the whole financial fabric? Statesmanship and vision, my friends, require relief to gmat preparation all at steps, the same time. Just one word or two on taxes, the taxes that all of us pay toward the cost of Government of all kinds. I know something of taxes. For three long years I have been going up and down this country preaching that Government--Federal and State and local--costs too much.

I shall not stop that preaching. As an immediate program of action we must abolish useless offices. We must eliminate unnecessary functions of Government--functions, in fact, that are not definitely essential to the continuance of Government. We must merge, we must consolidate subdivisions of Government, and, like the private citizen, give up luxuries which we can no longer afford. By our example at Washington itself, we shall have the opportunity of pointing the way of economy to essay local government, for argumentative about teaching english let us remember well that out of every tax dollar in the average State in this Nation, 40 cents enter the gmat essay preparation, treasury in Washington, D. C., 10 or 12 cents only go to format the State capitals, and 48 cents are consumed by the costs of local government in counties and cities and towns. I propose to you, my friends, and through you, that Government of all kinds, big and little, be made solvent and that the example be set by the President of the United States and his Cabinet. And talking about setting a definite example, I congratulate this convention for having had the courage fearlessly to write into its declaration of principles what an preparation, overwhelming majority here assembled really thinks about the persuasive, 18th Amendment. This convention wants repeal.

Your candidate wants repeal. And I am confident that the United States of America wants repeal. Two years ago the platform on which I ran for Governor the second time contained substantially the same provision. The overwhelming sentiment of the people of my State, as shown by the vote of that year, extends, I know, to the people of gmat preparation, many of the other States. I say to you now that from this date on the 18th Amendment is doomed. When that happens, we as Democrats must and will, rightly and morally, enable the States to protect themselves against the importation of intoxicating liquor where such importation may violate their State laws. We must rightly and morally prevent the return of the saloon. To go back to this dry subject of finance, because it all ties in essay xavier together--the 18th Amendment has something to do with finance, too--in a comprehensive planning for the reconstruction of the great credit groups, including Government credit, I list an important place for that prize statement of principle in the platform here adopted calling for the letting in of the light of day on issues of securities, foreign and gmat domestic, which are offered for sale to the investing public. My friends, you and I as common-sense citizens know that it would help to protect the custom xavier, savings of the country from the dishonesty of crooks and from the lack of honor of some men in high financial places.

Publicity is the enemy of crookedness. And now one word about unemployment, and incidentally about gmat agriculture. I have favored the use of certain types of public works as a further emergency means of stimulating employment and persuasive essay steps the issuance of bonds to pay for such public works, but I have pointed out that no economic end is served if we merely build without building for preparation a necessary purpose. Such works, of course, should insofar as possible be self-sustaining if they are to be financed by the issuing of bonds. So as to spread the custom admissions, points of all kinds as widely as possible, we must take definite steps to shorten the working day and the working week. Let us use common sense and business sense. Just as one example, we know that a very hopeful and immediate means of relief, both for the unemployed and for essay preparation agriculture, will come from a wide plan of the converting of many millions of acres of marginal and unused land into timberland through reforestation. There are tens of millions of acres east of the Mississippi River alone in abandoned farms, in cut-over land, now growing up in citations worthless brush. Why, every European Nation has a definite land policy, and has had one for generations. We have none.

Having none, we face a future of soil erosion and timber famine. It is clear that economic foresight and immediate employment march hand in hand in essay preparation the call for argumentative essay about the reforestation of these vast areas. In so doing, employment can be given to a million men. Gmat Essay Preparation? That is the kind of public work that is self-sustaining, and therefore capable of being financed by the issuance of bonds which are made secure by the fact that the growth of tremendous crops will provide adequate security for custom admissions university the investment. Yes, I have a very definite program for providing employment by gmat preparation that means. I have done it, and I am doing it today in the State of New York.

I know that the Democratic Party can do it successfully in the Nation. That will put men to work, and that is an example of the action that we are going to have. Now as a further aid to agriculture, we know perfectly well-- but have we come out and said so clearly and distinctly?--we should repeal immediately those provisions of law that compel the Federal Government to go into the market to purchase, to sell, to speculate in farm products in a futile attempt to essay about teaching english reduce farm surpluses. And they are the people who are talking of keeping Government out of business. The practical way to help the gmat essay, farmer is by an arrangement that will, in addition to lightening some of the impoverishing burdens from his back, do something toward the reduction of the surpluses of staple commodities that hang on case study of opium the market. It should be our aim to add to the world prices of staple products the amount of a reasonable tariff protection, to essay give agriculture the same protection that industry has today. And in exchange for this immediately increased return I am sure that the farmers of this Nation would agree ultimately to abuse case of opium such planning of their production as would reduce the surpluses and make it unnecessary in later years to depend on dumping those surpluses abroad in order to support domestic prices.

That result has been accomplished in other Nations; why not in America, too? Farm leaders and farm economists, generally, agree that a plan based on that principle is a desirable first step in the reconstruction of agriculture. It does not in itself furnish a complete program, but it will serve in great measure in the long run to remove the pall of a surplus without the continued perpetual threat of world dumping. Final voluntary reduction of gmat, surplus is a part of our objective, but the long continuance and the present burden of existing surpluses make it necessary to repair great damage of the essay, present by immediate emergency measures. Such a plan as that, my friends, does not cost the gmat preparation, Government any money, nor does it keep the persuasive essay, Government in essay business or in speculation. As to the actual wording of a bill, I believe that the substance abuse case study, Democratic Party stands ready to be guided by preparation whatever the responsible farm groups themselves agree on. That is a principle that is gmat essay preparation sound; and again I ask for action.

One more word about the farmer, and I know that every delegate in this hall who lives in the city knows why I lay emphasis on the farmer. It is gmat essay preparation because one-half of our population, over 50,000,000 people, are dependent on agriculture; and, my friends, if those 50,000,000 people have no money, no cash, to buy what is produced in the city, the city suffers to an equal or greater extent. That is why we are going to make the voters understand this year that this Nation is not merely a Nation of independence, but it is, if we are to survive, bound to be a Nation of interdependence--town and city, and North and South, East and West. That is our goal, and of opium that goal will be understood by essay the people of this country no matter where they live. Yes, the purchasing power of that half of our population dependent on agriculture is gone. Farm mortgages reach nearly ten billions of dollars today and interest charges on that alone are $560,000,000 a year. But that is not all. The tax burden caused by extravagant and inefficient local government is an additional factor. Our most immediate concern should be to reduce the interest burden on gmat essay preparation these mortgages. Rediscounting of farm mortgages under salutary restrictions must be expanded and should, in the future, be conditioned on the reduction of interest rates. Amortization payments, maturities should likewise in this crisis be extended before rediscount is gmat essay permitted where the mortgagor is admission essays sorely pressed.

That, my friends, is another example of practical, immediate relief: Action. I aim to do the same thing, and gmat it can be done, for the small home-owner in persuasive essay our cities and villages. We can lighten his burden and develop his purchasing power. Take away, my friends, that spectre of too high an interest rate. Take away that spectre of the due date just a short time away. Gmat Preparation? Save homes; save homes for essay citations format thousands of self-respecting families, and gmat essay drive out that spectre of insecurity from gmat, our midst. Out of preparation, all the tons of custom, printed paper, out of all the essay preparation, hours of oratory, the recriminations, the defenses, the happy-thought plans in Washington and in every State, there emerges one great, simple, crystal-pure fact that during the past ten years a Nation of 120,000,000 people has been led by the Republican leaders to erect an impregnable barbed wire entanglement around its borders through the instrumentality of tariffs which have isolated us from all the other human beings in all the essay preparation, rest of the round world. I accept that admirable tariff statement in the platform of this convention.

It would protect American business and American labor. By our acts of the past we have invited and gmat essay received the retaliation of other Nations. I propose an invitation to custom admissions essay university them to forget the past, to sit at the table with us, as friends, and to plan with us for the restoration of the trade of the world. Go into the home of the gmat essay preparation, business man. He knows what the tariff has done for him. Go into the home of the factory worker. He knows why goods do not move. Go into the home of the farmer. He knows how the tariff has helped to persuasive essay steps ruin him. At last our eyes are open.

At last the American people are ready to acknowledge that Republican leadership was wrong and that the Democracy is right. My program, of which I can only touch on these points, is based upon this simple moral principle: the welfare and the soundness of a Nation depend first upon what the great mass of the people wish and need; and second, whether or not they are getting it. What do the people of America want more than anything else? To my mind, they want two things: work, with all the moral and spiritual values that go with it; and with work, a reasonable measure of security--security for themselves and for their wives and children. Work and security--these are more than words. They are more than facts. They are the spiritual values, the true goal toward which our efforts of reconstruction should lead.

These are the gmat preparation, values that this program is intended to gain; these are the values we have failed to format achieve by the leadership we now have. Our Republican leaders tell us economic laws--sacred, inviolable, unchangeable--cause panics which no one could prevent. But while they prate of economic laws, men and women are starving. We must lay hold of the fact that economic laws are not made by nature. They are made by human beings. Yes, when--not if--when we get the gmat, chance, the custom admissions essay university, Federal Government will assume bold leadership in essay distress relief. For years Washington has alternated between putting its head in the sand and saying there is custom xavier no large number of destitute people in our midst who need food and clothing, and then saying the States should take care of them, if there are. Instead of planning two and a half years ago to gmat do what they are now trying to do, they kept putting it off from day to day, week to week, and month to month, until the conscience of America demanded action.

I say that while primary responsibility for relief rests with localities now, as ever, yet the Federal Government has always had and still has a continuing responsibility for the broader public welfare. It will soon fulfill that responsibility. And now, just a few words about our plans for the next four months. By coming here instead of waiting for a formal notification, I have made it clear that I believe we should eliminate expensive ceremonies and that we should set in motion at once, tonight, my friends, the necessary machinery for an adequate presentation of the issues to argumentative essay about english the electorate of the gmat essay preparation, Nation. I myself have important duties as Governor of case study, a great State, duties which in these times are more arduous and more grave than at any previous period. Yet I feel confident that I shall be able to make a number of short visits to several parts of the Nation. My trips will have as their first objective the study at first hand, from the lips of men and women of all parties and all occupations, of the actual conditions and needs of every part of an interdependent country. One word more: Out of every crisis, every tribulation, every disaster, mankind rises with some share of greater knowledge, of higher decency, of purer purpose.

Today we shall have come through a period of essay preparation, loose thinking, descending morals, an era of selfishness, among individual men and women and among Nations. Blame not Governments alone for this. Blame ourselves in equal share. Let us be frank in acknowledgment of the truth that many amongst us have made obeisance to Mammon, that the gmat essay, profits of speculation, the easy road without toil, have lured us from the gmat preparation, old barricades. To return to higher standards we must abandon the false prophets and seek new leaders of our own choosing. Never before in modern history have the essential differences between the substance case study of opium, two major American parties stood out in such striking contrast as they do today. Republican leaders not only have failed in material things, they have failed in national vision, because in disaster they have held out no hope, they have pointed out no path for gmat essay preparation the people below to climb back to places of essay xavier university, security and of safety in our American life.

Throughout the Nation, men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government of the last years look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth. On the farms, in the large metropolitan areas, in the smaller cities and in the villages, millions of our citizens cherish the hope that their old standards of living and of thought have not gone forever. Those millions cannot and shall not hope in vain.